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What is Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis?

To put it simply, when a person is at rest and in deep concentration, the beta (14-40Hz) waves of the brain, which are physiologically predominant during normal wakefulness, fall into alpha (7.5-14 Hz) and theta (4-7.5Hz) waves. At this point, the subconscious is able to penetrate the critical factor into the superconscious. In this case, hypnotherapy can be understood as finding and correcting the cause of the problem from the human consciousness.

What kind of hypnotherapy or hypnosis does Myagmarjargal do?

  • Hypnotherapy (hypnotic suggestion)

  • Past life regression therapy

  • Spirit releasement therapy

  • A combination of the above

Is this psychotherapy?

No. In some cases, the goal of classical psychotherapy is to solve and cure hypnotherapy. However, this treatment is not limited to psychotherapy on the one hand, but on the other hand, it differs in some respects from the principles of classical psychology. Also, as a result of the services of a psychiatrist and a psychiatrist, a specialist can contact me and conclude that this type of hypnosis should be performed, and in that case, it is possible to perform joint therapy.

Why should I apply?

It can be approached with any physical or emotional distress, communication problems, or behavioral patterns that cannot be changed with effort.

How often should I have surgery?

The results of hypnotherapy should be compared to psychological counseling and psychotherapy, or the possible results are faster, so it is likely to occur 1 to 5 times, depending on the reason you are approaching. In most cases, there are three meetings. However, some people's problems require more than 5 meetings, but they are relatively rare. And one thing to keep in mind. Hypnosis can solve unconscious problems, but don't expect all your "problems" to go away like a thorn. If you have habits, habits, thoughts, or behaviors that need to be corrected, you need to continue to work on them with the help of a psychologist, psychotherapist, or psychiatrist. Because, first of all, many of the problems in your life are related to your subconscious activities and characteristics. Everyone is born with a unique personality, like a fingerprint. Second, your innate characteristics, growing environment, and life experiences create a relatively stable pattern in the structure and function of the brain, so it takes a long time to change established behaviors and actions. For more information, please follow this link. As a psychologist, I work as a psychologist at the Mongolian National Institute of Psychology and Psychology. If you would like to receive pure psychological counseling and treatment, please click here at our institute's website for more information and to schedule a meeting.

Code of ethics

There is no approved code of ethics for hypnotherapy or even psychological services in Mongolia, but based on my motivation to provide long-term quality services and work for the well-being of people, I follow the International Code of Ethics (APA).

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