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About me


My work to heal the energy of others, to heal the energies of the past and present, began with my specialization in psychology. On the one hand, as a professional and educational psychologist and socio-cultural psychologist, my desire to heal others from physical and emotional distress led me to go beyond academic training and look for other ways to learn. My search began in 2014 with reading books and research by psychiatrist Brian Weiss.

Although Mongolians are culturally familiar with the concept of the past and the present and are used in everyday speech, we did not know before reading Dr. Brian Weiss's work that it is possible to cure a person by going back to the past. I was shocked to learn from the personal story of a teacher who first attended a tour guide's training at the Tourist Company in the summer of 2005 that some of the relationships in this life were rooted in past lives. In 2006, he decided to study psychology and went to Bangalore, India, where he embarked on a path of materialist and positivist science. However, many of the problems we have encountered and the many things we have studied have warned us that the problems and sufferings of human life cannot be solved by science alone. So, in search of answers to his questions, he grabbed the tip of what he was looking for in 2014. At the same time, there was much to learn from those who studied and practiced the true nature of Buddhist teachings, rather than from a religious point of view. From an early age, my parents taught me to value academic education, so I learned to read only therapy until 2018, focusing on my academic education path. Consciousness is born into this world with the purpose of learning and developing, and lives human life. Therefore, it is necessary to forgive others and release the bondage of the soul by saying that it exists in a fleeting form. ” Although she was well acquainted with Dolores's work and research, she was not much attracted to his work. But looking back on his interview, I think it was important for him to specialize in the practice of consciousness and emotional healing. In 2019, I became a student of my teacher Mark Beale's hypnotherapy course, and I met him and still work with him.

Hypnotherapy is now widely used and practiced in many parts of the world. Some hypnotherapists have developed their own methodologies based on the methods and experiences they have learned. For me, I studied the basics of hypnotherapy, the Past Life Regression Therapy, and the Spirit Releasement Therapy . In addition, we are learning from the methods of qualified hypnotherapists, and we are developing our own unique methods and modeling services based on our knowledge of psychological science and basic hypnotherapy.

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